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Coffee's blood tests came back low-normal. So, his problem is not hypothyroidism. The vet asked again if the Benadryl has helped, which it has, and he said it probably was idiopathic (unknown origin). I can keep giving him the Benadryl for another couple of weeks (he said 30 days is enough time for him to be on it, and I'm half-way there).

He's having very little trouble getting off the bed now. Everything is fine - except - he still won't go down the back stairs, and this morning, he refused to go down the FRONT stairs, as well. I pushed, prodded, and cajoled, and he finally did go, but his reluctance to go down the outside stairs has me baffled. He has no difficulty at all with the stairs to the second floor (the bedroom's up there, I wonder if that has anything to do with it?) In fact, he usually beats me there!

I'm relieved that he doesn't have anything medical going on, but I'm confused, as well.

Now, I have to deal with his fear of the outside stairs. Thank heaven I have "pee pads" in the house! ;)

Thanks, everyone, for your support. Now, maybe I can get into sharing pictures and posting about my guys and the silly things they do.

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