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So I let the kids out to play in the snow..... Wikki the cat NOT liking it (he's an idoor only cat anyways). Hayden on the other hand.... We play for about 20 min in the snow and I say "ok lets go inside for a little while" and she barks at me!!!
It took EVERYTHING to get her back in the house! lol Normally she's waiting at the door wanting back in.

Some cell phone pics since I don't have a card for my camera anymore

First she just ate the snow, didn't seem all that impressed. I was a little dissapointed.

So I start to go back inside and it starts...

She's jumping up and down in it and sliding her front paws.

My fav pic..

And me telling her to go inside....

Then Wikki...

Uhm... Whats this?

Yea, no, let me back inside...
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