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Happy Halloween

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Sara enjoys lugging her Halloween basket around!


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Oh my goodness!!!!! Where do I send all the treats I have in the house!!!!!!!!
I'll bet it won't take her long to get that pail filled with treats with that winning smile.
how cute she is!
Now that's cute! And she looks so happy!

The costume pups are cute but most of them look pretty mortified. :p:
That's so cute! I bet she got lots of treats.
SO cute! I actually kept a box of biscuits by the door in case anyone was trick-or-treating with their dog :)
How cute! It looks like she has some treats in the pail already. If she pops in over at my house I will be sure to give her lots of treats....even if it is passed Halloween!
Thanks everyone for your comments!
It was fun teaching her how to carry around that bucket!

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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