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happy halloween from sophie!

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that's a pic of mommy and sophie dressed as lions....our camera died (err...i dropped it heehee) so we couldn't get good pics today, as you'll see in the last picture, but these are from our costume practice and our Petco costume contest.

here's sophie waiting to get her picture taken at you can see, she is "busting" out of her costume...:doh:

if looks could kill!!!!! :mad:

sophie decided to plop down on the shelf...puppy for sale on aisle 1!! :p:


this is what happened to our pics even after the camera was repaired once (it's back in the repair shop)...sophie playing in the leaves, with a purple hue! i love her expression!!!:smooch:

hope everyone had a fun halloween!!!!:wavey:
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Happy Halloween to you too! I hope she got lots of treats :) Molson was a lion too, althought the colour of the fun fur I made his costume out of, he just looked like a super hairy golden retriever as it was the exact same colour!
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