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We recently rescued a white golden retriever who we found trying to get into the Target store by our home. She's happy, seems healthy, and was estimated to be between 1-2 years old. She wasn't chipped and we don't know whether or not she was spayed, and she's not used to being in cars/doesn't know how to respond to commands but she's never had an accident in the house or growled and/or bit any of us.

The problem is that we have two small dogs, a maltapoo named Charlie and a Pomeranian/Chihuahua named Bella who were also rescues. Charlie is mortally afraid of every dog bigger than he is, and when the retriever gets close to him he screams and yelps at the top of his little lungs and hides under things. She isn't deterred by his noises (in fact, she seems more excited, and this may be because he sounds like a chew toy) and has begun picking him up and shaking him, and will jump to grab him when we're holding him up away from her. We also have Bauer, a dachshund mix that belongs to our next-door-neighbors who comes over to play a lot. She loves playing with him but sometimes she gets too rough. She stands over him and wraps her forelegs around him, which scares him, though he stands his ground better than Charlie.

We're working on training her to respond to all commands: sit, stay, come, no, and stop especially, because it's obvious she's never been taught. This is especially bad when she's getting aggressive with the small dogs and won't stop when we command her to.

Other than that, she's a wonderful dog. She's cuddly and energetic and we're leash-training her so we can work out some energy on walks. We desperately need help and fast; if she keeps shaking the dogs and playing rough with them, we won't be able to keep her.
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