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Happy Birthday sweet Molly!

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My girl turned 1 year old today! :D She's a big girl now! And that means I survived through puppyhood! :curtain: :p: Though she still acts like a big pup and can be a handful at times, I love her so so much and I'm so happy to have her in my life!

Happy Birthday Molly!!!! :D

Here she is with a little cake I made for her!
'' Can I eat it now?!"

''Yummy! Peanut butter is my favorite!''

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Happy birthday to molly!
Very Happy first Birthday Molly. You are growing into a beautiful young lady:)
That first pic is the perfect image of 'puppy dog eyes'. She sure wants that cake!
Happy Birthday Molly! You've grown into a beautiful 'big' girl.
HBD Molly!!! I haven't seen many pictures of her over the past few weeks and I actually kind of missed her :)

I can see that you have already been spoiled with your cake, but I hope you get LOTS of play time today! :D
Happy birthday Molly! You look so calm and lady-like in your pictures, I almost didn't recognize you!!! :)

Gros Calins pour la Belle Demoiselle !
What fun to watch you grow over the past year

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happy birthday! :party:
good golly miss're 1 already *** Happy 1st Birthday Molly ***
Happy 1st Birthday Molly! She is so darn cute!
Thank you so much guys for the sweet birthday wishes! :smooch: :D
Hard to believe she is all grown up but I bet she hasnt outgrown being a puppy. I love that first picture of her sitting so pretty.
Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!
She's beautiful and she has such big beautiful eyes! Happy Birthday Molly!
Aw, happy birthday Molly! I love her color..
Happy Birthday Molly! I don't know how I missed it!
WHAT?? She is a year old already??? This one is a shocker to me lol

Seems I just saw your cute puppy pics of her playing. Damnnnn time flies!

She's stunning!
Oh man! I can't believe I missed this post! Happy Belated Birthday Molly!!! I hope it was a GRRRRRREAT one!
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