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Happy Birthday Chris! (Pic Heavy)

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Thought I would share a few pics of Chris since he is turning 10 this month.. taking him to the beach this weekend to celebrate for the day... so this year his birthday is 10/17/09 :p: next year who when i adopted him was told his birthday is in October... cant believe i have had him for 3 yrs now.. time flies!:bowl:

Hes a great boy... Happy Birthday Chris!

These are just some of the pics I had on my computer... the first ones are new (and boy does he need grooming!).. and then others are back when i first got him.. =) the lone with the 4 dogs sitting was our 2007 christmas card :)


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Happy Birthday Chris! Hope you have a good day at the beach!
Happy Birthday Chris!! You are a beautiful boy - and I love your white face!!
Aaw! Happy Birthday Chris! You're so handsome! :D
Happy Birthday! What a sweet sweet boy with all that sugar. Very handsome.
Happy birthday!! What a sweet white face he has :)
and many many more !

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Happy Birthday to Chris!!!! Enjoy your beach day baby!
Happy birthday Chris. Hope you have a ball at the beach!!!!
I have never taken him (or any of my dogs actually) to the beach.. so it should be interesting how he does.. he LOVES the water.. if there is even a drop of water in the kitty pool hes laying in... so it should be fun! :)
Happy Birthday sweet Chris :)
I love your white face!!!
Happy birthday, young man! Enjoy your beach party; I hope the weather cooperates:)
I hope so too.. says highs mid 60' so will be taking a jacket.. but should be fun :p:
Happy Birthday Chris!! Have a great time at the beach. I love his beautiful face. We would love to see pictures when you go to the beach.
Happy Birthday Chris. Love his white "Lone Ranger" mask.
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