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Happy birthday Chloe

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Its my Chloe girls 8th Birthday today... She is going to get a new collar, and some new bones and maybe even a trip to the dog park if this weather ever clears up today!!
Two recent pictures of her on the boat up north


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What a sweet girl! Happy Birthday, Chloe!!!!! I sure hope this weather clears up so you can go celebrate with your doggie friends! :D:D:D
Happy Birthday Chloe!!!! You are a beautiful girl and hope the weather cleared up for you to get fun with your friends and family.
she is soooooo pretty. I hope the weather cleared up so a great birthday celebration could be had.
Of course, anything is a party to a golden. ;-)
Happy Birthday Chloe!! Hope you have a great day. Chloe is a beautiful girl.
Well for Chloes birthday we took her to the petsmart and she got 3 stuffed birds and 1 frog.. plus got a brand new collar.. and got a few treats as a giant milkbone cookie!

Here's a picture of her with her new stuffies... the second pic is missing a bird because Cedar already came and stole one.. lol
Plus a few other pics of Chloe on her bday!


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adorable pics trish! Keira told me she wants to play with Chloe soon! She misses her cousin!!! lol
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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