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Happy 2nd Birthday

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Today is our boy's 2nd birthday. Unfortuatly, they didn't get to do anything special today because bf had to work (but will make it up to them). I did give them lots of love and they are waiting for pork ribs (boneless) for dinner treats. Happy birthday babys. Live long and have fun! I love you Jasper and Thor!


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Handome boys. I'm sure they loved the extra loving and treats.
Happy Birthday to your two beautiful boys! :smooch:I know how much they enjoyed all the special loves and yummy ribs!!
They are two special boy's, The pictures are from a camping trip the first week in Sept.
Happy Birthday Happy Boys!!! I know they will love their spoiling no matter when they get it. We need to see the party pictures. Give them ear scratches from us.
Happy Birthday to you're two adorable boys!
:party: Happy Birthday boys! :party2:
Hope you enjoyed your din din for 2 !

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Happy Birthday to your boys...
Happy Birthday sweeties! You are gorgeous!
Sorry I'm late with the B-Day wishes... but I'm sure they enjoyed the day and the food!! So happy belated Birthday boys!!!
happy birthday boys!
Thanks for there birthday wishes. They sure did enjoy there dinner and lots of suggles that night.
Happy Birthday Boys!! Sounds like you had a great day.
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