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Hanging out

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My daughter with her buddies. Jada on left is 16 weeks and Riley on right is 15 weeks.


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They are so cute... all three of them! And so shiny! Your daughter looks very happy with her puppies.
Hello and Welcome from Nazareth, PA. Your not far from me. Great picture. Your daughter looks soooooooooo happy!!! Bless you with having (3) little ones to care for. Look forward to seeing them grow up!!!
Aaw! How sweet! :) Your daughter looks proud of her pups! :D
What a great picture! Your daughter is gorgeous and the pups are adorable!
Sweet picture. I foresee lifelong friends there.
Great picture. Your daughter is beautiful and the pups are so cute!
Your daughter and pups are just adorable.
How cute! Having 2 pup myself (5 & 6 mos old) I know what your household is like! But aren't they fun?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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