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Hand feeding?

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Our little 5 month pup has decided that she does not want to eat out of her food bowl. She will gladly eat from our hands or sometimes a plate, but will not eat out of her bowl. This just started about a week ago. To get her to eat we will sometimes just put her food in our hand and she will just devour the food. Any ideas why this would be? Is it a stage? Any suggestions on how to get her to eat from her bowl? We are at a loss and just don't know what gives??
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...That aside, maybe the sound of her tags hitting the bowl scares her? Or maybe she doesn't like her current brand of food? I dunno, but I bet if you left the food down and didn't hand feed her, she would eat eventually. Unless there's a medical problem, she'll eat when she's hungry enough.
That's what I'm thinking. Other than the possibility of the tag's sound scaring her, I think you're being played. Honestly I don't have time to hand feed my puppy 3 meals/day. It reminds me of when our granddaughter went through a phase of taking waaaaayyy to long to decide what color fork/spoon she wanted to use. Whatever color was set at the table wasn't right. I thought it would be fun to teach her colors using a pack of different colored forks/spoons. :doh: Finally they all went in the trash and now she has one choice...stainless.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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