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I read this at another forum..wanted to share to help spread the word..looks like some more testing is being done..
from this link..

1/11/10 - Halo Dry Chicken and Salmon Dog Foods
Halo Pets informs us that there is a "malodor" in two of their dog food formulations with a "Best By" date of 4/22/11. They are:

  • Halo Adult Dog Wholesome Chicken in the 4 lb. and 18 lb. sizes
  • Halo Adult Dog Wild Salmon in the 4 lb. and 18 lb. sizes
Preliminary testing conducted by an independent lab indicates that the malodor is due to a particular ingredient that routinely has wide variation in its smell but poses no safety hazard. Nonetheless, Halo is withdrawing the product because the odor is objectionable.
As is our practice, PFE has removed all Halo dry products from our shelves as a precaution until testing is complete and we are completely confident that there is no risk to pets' health.
If you are currently feeding a Halo product and wish to return it, please feel free to do so. If you are concerned about your pet's health, please consult your veterinarian. You may contact Halo at for more information. We expect to receive word of conclusive test results the week of January 11, 2010 and will update you at that time."

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Hi, I’m David Yaskulka from Halo. We truly appreciate your passionate advocacy for our petshealth!

That’s always our first priority as well. Just to be clear, from day one we determined there were NO health or nutrition issues for pets. We’ve posted details on this web page

I hope that's helpful -- please don't hesitate to contact us (info on web site) with any questions or concerns.
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