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Halloween Training Videos are Up!

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Hi All,

If anyone's interested in *seeing* the techniques I described in a couple recent articles, I just posted links to the news segements on teaching your dog to wear a costume and handling your dog at the door on Halloween:

Happy Training!

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Thanks for the great videos.
Sounds great but I don't see that working with my guys. Every kid in our neighborhood knows my guys and I can just see all of them reaching over and playing with them over the baby gate...driving them wild. Although, perfect training opportunity. I don't know, we'll see.
Thanks Steph. Tessie wore a cape and played Count Dogula with me. She just sat on the porch, next to me, on a leash. Some of the kids petted her, some didn't but she was just completely happy but calm, excited to see new people and some familiar ones, and get attention. The worst thing she did was stick her nose in the candy bowl a couple of times.

Tessie wore two different costumes during the course of the day, and was completely chill about it. She'd happily trade wearing the Candy Corn Witch costume for the chance to sniff some other dogs at the Strut for Mutts. Sadly (for me) she didn't win. (I'm starting on next year's costume today, ******.)

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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