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Half kibble half raw diet?

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Hey guys,

Controversial topic I’m sure, but I’ve been looking into raw diets for my 9 month old golden and came across tons of videos of owners feeding half kibble half raw with supplements such as quail eggs, fish oil, goat milk, etc.

Currently she’s on PPP SS salmon and rice with no issues, sometimes I’ll add a few berries and pumpkin. Where I live it’s possible to order raw food in bulk from local suppliers. For those of you that do - do you find your dogs do better on a certain protein? I was thinking of adding either beef or turkey. And for those that do half and half - how do you usually portion their food?
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All 4 of my dogs are 100% raw fed, and my golden has been since she was weaned. They eat every protein I can get my hands on-chicken, turkey, beef, duck, lamb, boar, elk, bison, kangaroo, muskrat, beaver, goat, venison, etc etc etc. Fresh farm eggs and whole mackerel, sardines, and herring. Leafy greens and berries. I love it. They love it. They're incredibly healthy dogs ranging in age from 4 to 13 and unless there's some medical reason I need to, I won't ever feed anything but raw ever again.
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"RAW" is more than a diet, for some, it is a religion.
Ugh. No. If any human went to a doctor and that doctor said "eat this packaged food every day forever, do not eat any fresh real food for the rest of your life", people would think they were crazy. So why is it any different for dogs? Sure, kibble is convenient. Kibble is balanced, and will provide all a dog needs to live. But what's wrong with a pet owner wanting better? Fresh, real, whole food is better than prepackaged, processed food in a bag that is shelf stable for many months/years. This is true for both humans and animals. That isn't conjecture. That's actual fact. If kibble is what you want to do, fine. But if you want to strive to do better, also fine. I love feeding my dogs something different every day. I love making up their bowls and giving them variety. I love shopping for it, and researching it, and trying new things. My dogs love it too, and their health, both inward and outward, is apparent, especially since I have 3 dogs who were kibble fed for at least half their lives before going to raw and I have something to compare it to.
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From what I hear, just barely.

That's great.

I stand by my statement the feeding RAW is a religion for some people.
Funny you did not quote the part where I said that if a human doctor said to eat processed food every day forever, we'd all be up in arms. Probably because you know it's true.
It thought it was funny too, the only doctor I could think of that's not human;
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I actually feed a raw diet to my dog when I was a kid. Back then we called it "table scraps".

Hmmm. Were your table scraps raw? That's weird.
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Some of them, mostly what did not get to the table.
Remember, I was decades ahead of the fad and less than 10 years old.
Honestly, raw feeding isn't a fad. Actual people have been doing it correctly, for years. Now that there's social media and people post everything they do for everyone to see? Now it's becoming a fad. But actual raw feeding is definitely not a fad.
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