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Had a scare this morning!

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Winchester ate about a 1/4-block of d-con (about 2 tsp. which is a toxic level)! :eek: Don't worry... he's okay! We got it.

Winchester snuck into the lazy susan when my son was picking out his cereal this morning and it was hiding in the waaaaay back corner. I called the emergency vet line and they had me induce vomiting by giving him hydrogen peroxide. It was disgusting! :yuck: We got it all in time. What a scare! I think I grew ten gray hairs.

I thought I had gotten rid of all the d-con a couple years ago! Who knew I'd have to worry about it way back in the cupboard like that? Poor Winchester!
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I think they give Vitamin K when dogs get into rat poison. I'm glad you got it away from him. Hopefully he didn't ingest any...
Oh geez, I would've been so upset as well! I am glad that he is ok!
It is amazing what they find as puppies. Thank goodness you found it.

I remember years ago when we first moved into a our old house, coming home to two chewed up ant traps (hidden someplace by the original owners of the house). I had two dogs, and had no idea which one. Had to induce vomit for both of them.
Thank God he'll be okay!! Good save!!!! That must have been very scary :( Way to keep a level head!!
Thank goodness you were able to get it out right away. These puppies can find things that you never even knew you had in your home.
I'm so glad that Winchester is alright! I would of been scared out of my mind!
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