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free golden mix to good home
Golden Retriever free to a good home.Her name is Rozie and is known to that.I ahd once had her on here before but dicided not to give her away but now i really have.I live in a small house and Rozie is too big for us to keep her in it.She would need a pretty big house.She wasnt really ever around anyone because of us always running around and my mom had got her knee operated on so i was usually never home to be with her:(She was born on November 16,2006.She will be 3 this november.She loves the water and loves to sit around a fire.I am not quit sure if someone with dogs should have her cause she has usually never been aroun any other dogs so im not sure how she would act.Rozie is very loving but i think from us not being able to be with her she has an aggressive attitude.So i think she would be much much better to be with someone who is properly trained with dogs and certainly knows wat they are doing.It also mite be better for her not to be around little children because im not sure h0w she would act around little kids either.But if you need anymore information please call either 513-805-1300 or 513-869-0334
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