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Growth rate for Goldens

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I have a six-month old pup purchased from a very long-time, experienced breeder. My gal currently is around 19" tall and weighs in at 43.5. She's still a little gal. The breeder's females average around 22-23" and the males between 24 - 25." Her vet is telling me she should only grow an inch more at most as 90% of adult size is reached by 6 months. The breeder is telling me she should grow several more inches at least. Right now, her head is only about half the size of my relatively small (21.5, 65lb.) 7 year-old female. I had told the breeder that I wanted a large gal.

What experience has anyone had with the growth patterns of their golden puppies? I'm beginning to wonder if I got the runt of the litter despite what I had requested. She's on California Natural, plus Omega-3 for dry skin, Canine plus vitamins and a little pumpkin on her food.
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I think you dog will grow another inche to an inch and half but don't know if much more!.Without being the runt,she could,just,be on the petite side!.
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