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Grooming question

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Our puppy is 5 months old tomorrow and she has this hair growing off of the bottom of both of her ears.

Is this hair normally trimmed or do you let it just grow?? At what age do you start the grooming process?? Remember the only dumb question is the one you don't ask. This is our first Golden pup.

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Start the grooming process today! The earlier, the better. That way, when more major grooming is required, it won't be a big deal. Work on the bottom of the feet including nails as well but make sure you use rounded scissors designed for this to ensure no injuries to your furkid.

My breeder starts the grooming including nail trimming well before they leave @ 8 weeks old. I've never had a problem with any grooming with my golden kids because of this.

Now, my guys (who are 2 1/2 years old, 10 months and 7 months) go up on the grooming table without fuss. Actually, they wait for their turn because grooming is fun & they get one on one attention.
Here's a good link about grooming the ears of a golden:
Winchester had those hairs on his ears too. I trimmed them. I've also been trying to give him a bath once a week and clip his nails every other week. I also clean his ears regularly. I still have not trimmed the fur on his feet, but he needs it.
Thanks for the info on grooming especially the link to the how to do it yourself. We have never done anything like this before with other dogs we have had. I think for the first couple of times we will take her to a professional. Our local Petmarts store offers a grooming service we will check into. Thanks again to all that responded to my questions.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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