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Grooming and the Senior Golden

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I have a question for those of you with seniors and that have your goldens groomed by someone other than yourself.

I have just started having Selka (he's almost 11) groomed by a mobile groomer because his coat is so thick and he is just too much for me to bathe and groom anymore. I can brush him and trim his nails but that is about all. Gunner's coat isn't as thick and is much softer so he is easier to groom. I am probably going to start using a groomer to bathe him also.

My question is when do you become concerned about your dog's age and if grooming is too much for them? Selka shows no signs of hip problems, arthritis etc so besides just general concern (and my paranoia) he should still be up to being groomed.

But when do you stop? If they start having arthritis issues?
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The person that grooms my Toby dog is awesome. (But we do have him shaved in a "lab cut" now, for various reasons). I always stay when she does it. I help steady him on the table if his back end is getting tired or weak, plus he just plain likes to have me there.
She does most of the grooming with him either sitting or lying down. We take him down off the table often for him to walk around a little bit or go outside.
I just hope she never retires!
She sounds wonderful!!!! How old is Toby?

I guess when Selka gets too uncomfortable to stand for a grooming with a groomer, I will go back to grooming him myself. It was fine for most of his life and will be fine if he can't take standing for a groomer. My boys for sure are not show dogs and will be just fine with my level of grooming. I am able to keep them brushed and mat free.
Thanks Jenna!

That's how I have pretty much have always done Selka anyway. He hates being brushed.
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