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Long time lurker...1st post...

Looking for a groomer who knows how to groom a golden in South East Michigan (greater Detroit area). I live in Troy and so far all the groomers I've tried leave Pippin looking chopped up. I've tried to do it myself, but I just don't have the patience or time. Bathing him is no problem. We have a great place near us where we can use their facilities at a great price (Premiere Pet Supply) but his feathering is long and thick and so far every groomer we have tried leaves it looking awful.

Anybody in the surrounding area have a groomer they can recommend?

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Check with the people at FDGRC. Many are out your way.

A lot of us do not send our dogs to groomers because the people at grooming shops have no clue. We either groom our own dogs or we network.

FDGRC is a good start.

They have a meeting next Tues in Rochester Hills (leader dogs). Me personally, I'd show up and ask people like Judie W or Dianne B who they recommend.
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