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Griff on a beautiful fall day

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Trying to blend in in the garden:


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What a pretty boy.
Wow...look at that coat! He is one handsome boy!
wow what a handsome boy he is, love how the sun has given him the Golden glow. I've said it before but I just love that sig pic of Jake !!
His coat has really filled out, gorgeous.
My goodness, that coat is to die for!
Those were great !! He certainly is a stunning boy !!
Wow Griff sure is handsome. His coat is so beautiful!
Griff has really grown into a Handsome dog. I still remember those puppy pic's of him running with a bat in his mouth n digging in the back yard...:) Just Stunning! Loves to Sir Griff, K?
Wow! Look at all that fluff! :D Beautiful coat! Griff is really handsome!

I think I might have a crush on Griffyn:curtain:
He is really beautiful. Wow. :)
Griff you are one gorgeous guy!! And what a coat he has.
Griff is absolutely gorgeous (oops, I mean handsome, but he really IS gorgeous). How much time each week does that coat require in maintenance? I would happily comb and brush him every night!
Griff is a beauty! Love the pics and he is handsome!
i have to repeat:what a coat!!!!!
What a gorgeous boy
He is handsome....and you can tell he knows it! I love the last shot.
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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