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This was not an easy thing to do. I have been through 12 pages of Rainbow Bridge threads for the past week or so. Penny'sMom had a great idea for a thread for those of us that can share a story or picture. For those of us who cannot, this is my remembrance of Goldens lost this year that belonged to members of this forum. I know it is far from complete because I have not looked at every single thread written throughout the entire forum in the past year. I hope it does not feel "cold" as it is just name, date, member. Some dates may not be correct and I apologize. If anyone wants to edit this feel free to copy&paste. Or post corrections or PM me and I will edit for you. My heart goes out to all of you.

Run free boys and girls, we miss you.​

Buddy 1-2 jdman
Taylor 1-2 Mom of Jake
Obi 1-4 spruce
Ginger 1-8 carkus
Millie 1-15 MILLIESMOM
Kelso 1-16 Ray Williams
Macy 1-16 jal239
Montana 1-17 montana's mommy
Wembly 1-18 ChiPack
Spencer 1-27 goldensrbest
Cobey 1-? Starfire

Duke 2-11 Duke's Momma
Keeper 2-16 AmbikaGR
Arnie 2-18 rosemary
Sunka 2-26 justmejanis

Murphy 3-8 djoz
Apple 3-12 ckp
Candy 3-16 cangolden
Maggie 3-21 whiskaz
Violet 3-27 sunnyy&violet

Maxie 4-4 Mssjnnfer
Gabby 4-15 SweetSoul
Buddy 4-23 Buddy'sdad
Sydney 4-28 werblam
Barkley 4-30 DallasGold

Beau 5-28 jealous1
Hannah 5-? Animallover
Subiaco 5-? Ian’sgran

MeggieOliviaTaylor 6-8 Meggie’smom
Sierra 6-12 tine
Sara 6-17 hutch
Taya 6-17 Jenny Wren
Tasha 6-17 goldencontriever3
JOY 6-19 Claire’sFriend
Charlie 6-19 Liz22
DaisyMae 6-21 DaisyGolden
Sheba 6-? CrossCreations
Wooly 6-? Luckybuster

Dakota 7-6 smarge117
Cindy 7-7 mikebg
Freedom 7-23 Freedom
Shadow 7-16 Shadowboy22
Kameha 7-25 bp44039
Hunter 7-28 ELI&BAILEYSmom
Daley 7-29 MissinOurDaley
Lexie 7-31 Lexie’sMom

Maggie 8-6 Mygoldenkids
Sadie 8-7 Luna2
MaggieBelle 8-12 Russ Krain
Riley 8-14 MissingRiley
Marvin 8-21 pwrstrk02
Bridget 8-30 KellyH

Reuben 9-2 penparson
Sam 9-6 Sam’sMom
Selka 9-9 Debles
Morgan 9-8 Claire’sFriend
Peanut 9-12 PeanutsMom
Leo 9-17 lovemydoggiex2
Cooper 9-17 Goldilocks
Tucker 9-20 GoldenCamper
Sophie 9-21 HuggenKiss

Beanie 10-2 Beanie’sMom
Newton 10-7 GeorgeM
Sha 10-9 goldensha
Kody 10-14 goldyjlox
Casey 10-15 CarolinaCasey
GingerMae 10-18 Mom2TwoGoldens
Copper 10-22 coppers-mom
Tessa 10-22 TessaLover
Teddy 10-28 musicgirl
Mandy 10-? Mandy’sDad

Ruby 11-1 aprilg
Nugget 11-5 K9mom
Kerosene 11-6 lovealways_ jami
Amber 11-? Foreveramber
Belle 11-? BellesMommy

Smooch 12-7 Karen519

Savannah 2010 sadiegold
Seattle 2010 RBCC
Caesar 2010 caesar's buddy
Murphy 2010 Melh2os​

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what a task you did..

I remember all these dogs & the agonies & am gasping/tearing up as I read down the list.

Tracer, Rumor & Cady
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Very thoughtful thread...thank you.
Looking at the list and remembering each dog..such a long list...

In the Moment
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Steve, what a kind, wonderful way to remember the GRF puppers who have gone ahead. Thank you so much. I hope this can stay bumped up, because I hope to scroll down and say prayers for each of them and their families this month.

Now Caue's Dad Too!
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Very kind thing to do for those that have lost a beloved golden this year. So many of those I felt like I knew very well through this forum. Time to go give my boys a snug for not being on the list.

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Thank you so much for doing this. It's such a long list =( so sad. my condolences to everyone. May our pups all play together at the Bridge until they day we join them

Love my Golden Boys!!
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I was surprised at that long list....and heartbroken to see how many families lost their loved ones.

RIP and run free precious ones!

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Thank You for making this list. I knew our time was coming but sure wasn't expecting our time to be this year. It still doesn't seem possible that my girl is gone.
I'm so sorry for all the members who have had to say good-by to their furry kids.

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You are so sweet to do such a heartbreaking task.:(:smooch:

I knew this year seemed like one where we lost so so many of our darlings, but seeing it in a list made it true.

Huge hugs and prayers going out to everyone. We gave our dogs all our love and the best care we could. I know they all had wonderful lives and sadly so many don't.

I'm crying and missing my boy, but also glad he was so loved and had such a wonderful life with me and all of you cheering him on.:smooch: I've made so many friends because of Copper - on here and in "real" life. People who helped me with his many health issues and people who just saw a kindred soul in him:). I cherish you all.

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Steve, thank you for doing this. The list is much too long. :( There are so many of us missing and remembering our bridge pups right now. It hurts so much to see my own Barkley on this list, but I really thank you for taking the time to do this.

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Thank you for taking the time to remember all of these wonderful companions.

Apple is on the list and yesterday was her 2nd birthday...we miss her very much. We are so blessed to have Nascar in our lives now...but I think about Apple all the time and wonder if her health would have ever taken a turn for the better.

She was a special pup and although her life was short, we gave her so much love and in return she changed my life. I am a better person today because of Apple.

Love you are missed everyday. Run free, without pain at the bridge.
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