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Greenies eaten without chewing

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Hi. I think I am a horrible dog mom. I just gave Flirt a large-sized Greenie and she gnawed on it for about 3 minutes and next thing I know it's gone. I think she swallowed it whole.

I was at Petsmart this morning and the rep from Nutro was there and she said they are safe now, they are soft etc. so I bought some. I hadn't ever given Maggie one but I figured I'd try it. Now I'm kicking myself.

Do I induce vomitting, get her to the vet or just wait it out? Any advice is truly accepted.
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Do not induce vomiting without consulting your vet. My guess is that he will be fine and it will digest, but it never hurts to put a call into your vet.
I'd just wait it out. She'll probably just digest it. I don't think I'd worry too much about it unless she was showing some sort of stress.
Copper eats them pretty fast too. My guess is that Flirt didn't actually eat it intact. Hopefully she did bite it into chunks first. It does look like Copper just swallows it and it does only take a few minutes, but he does chew it a little and then bite it into chunks to swallow. Kind of like me and a tootsie pop.

So much for it being a "chew".

I have read that they have been made safer since the scare a few years ago.

I wouldn't induce vomiting since that can cause it's own problems. If you are like me, your vet is closed (of course), but you could probably call the closest emergency clinic and talk to them. I've had to do that before.

These "kids" sure do like to keep us in a tizzy don't they? You should see some green poop as it digests so keep a cloe eye out. The green poop will make you happy I know.;)
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First thing, don't panic. Most likely it will pass just fine. The only thing I would watch for is if she gets lethargic and doesn't drink any water. Those were two things that gave me a scare with Eire when she swallowd a similar chew as a puppy.

I definitely wouldn't give stuff like this in the future. I still maintain that raw femur bones are the best for dogs. They're great for cleaning their teeth, good marrow for the coat, and haven't heard any stories about them chipping or being swallowed.

Keep us up to date on how she is doing. But I wouldn't worry right now, she has never swallowed something of any significant size in her life. And I know for a fact she is a strong chewer, so if it was soft she might have chomped it up pretty quick!


You are NOT A bad mommy.

I would just watch her too-sure she'll be fine.

I think you can just call the emergency vet and ask without having to pay.
Thank you everyone for your support. Mac, I feel horrible about this and am embarrassed that I had to post about it.

I will watch her closely all weekend. She's given me her usual hearty belch and she has had some water since. I'm sure she will be ok.

On a lighter note, our trip to Petsmart was so much fun. Flirt got petted by so many people who all commented on how beautiful she is and how calm she is. We went up and down every aisle and she was just so sweet.

you're not a horrible dog mom, you're a great dog mom!!!
She'll be fine. Really really she will.
Well, I changed Copper's food back in August and he ended up with a horrible bout of pancreatitis. Very expensive and touch and go for a couple days. He was in the ER or hospital for a week.
We all try our best and sometimes it just backfires.
You're still a good mommy and I know Flirt loves you. I'll bet PetSmart was fun with such an gorgeous girl at your side!
I sure hope she chewed it and you were just surprised at how fast it went. I don't know if it takes Copper even 3 minutes to scarf one down.
Mary, don't feel bad about it at all! Like I said I had an identical incident with a 4 month old. I know her piece was big as I watched her swallow it as I tried to get it away. She is doing just fine, except that she is about to pop in a couple days!(Eire)

Flirt will be fine, she's not crazy enough to swallow something too big. Especially now that there is no competition for her treats!
Thanks, Mac.
Well, Flirt has had two good poops since the Greenies incident yesterday but no green yet. She's eating and drinking and acting fine but I will continue to watch her.
I'm glad (but not surprised!) to hear she's doing fine. Hopefully you guys are out enjoying this lovely weather!

Well, Flirt has had two good poops since the Greenies incident yesterday but no green yet. She's eating and drinking and acting fine but I will continue to watch her.
Three poops now, still no green. And yes we were out enjoying the weather yesterday.
Maybe they don't make the poop green now that they have changed them.
copper hasn't gotten any since they changed the formula.
It sure sounds like flirt is fine. Wonderful!
It's nice to know that the Greenies incident ended up fine! With the old formula, my vet did an experiment in which he left one submerged in coke for a week, and absolutely nothing happened to it- didnt dissolve even a little. They say they changed the formula so it is much, much safer& better now. I'm still scared of them though.
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