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Fenway and I had a great weekend working together! (Background on why we are starting from scratch on the basics is here )

Friday evening, after doing some reading, I purchased a martingale collar. Fitted it on him Saturday morning and we did a few minutes of work out in the yard. Simply working on heeling on my left and obeying the "sit" command in that same position. He did really well. After just a few minutes he was sitting on command on my left side and holding the sit for a solid count of ten pretty reliably. I'd estimate that we worked about 15 minutes before he pooped out. He was full so the treats weren't too appealing to him anymore. He didn't become obnoxious and disobey, but just laid down and looked at me with a look of, "Mom, I'm tired of this." So we called it a day.

Sunday afternoon we did much of the same, but upped the work on the heeling a bit more by doing a little jogging and lots of twists and turns...still stopping cold every now and then and working on the sitting nicely until I released him. I actually had to coax him into working at all that day. As soon as I put on the collar on he laid down and didn't want to move, but a little excitement in my voice and running about a bit perked his interest and it went well after that. I definitely am learning that I need to work with him before he's been fed so that he's more interested in the treats.

This afternoon we're planning on continuing with more of the above and beginning work on a solid "stay". Our first big accomplishment will be him holding that sit and stay until we open the door and release him to come inside. That open door is SUCH a temptation. :)
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