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Great advice

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Got this off my seizure forum, but I think it is great advice for everyone..

"ALWAYS try to do what you BELIEVE is the right thing. If later it turns out that maybe it wasn't the best choice, don't blame yourself. The right information is not available to always make the right decisions, the important thing is follow your heart and your head, make your own decisions. Get the best vet available for you babies. Be active in their treatment, ask questions, research the answers and when you feel you have information that you want to contribute, gather data and share it with your vet. They have hundreds of animals to treat you just have yours. It is your responsibility to be active in their care. If your vet isn't willing for you to contribute/question find another vet, it is your furkid. You would do the same for a child your furkid deserves no less!!"
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When Daisy was so sick last October, the emergency vet said I should have her put to sleep. They didn't want to do the 3rd treatment for bloat, I had to beg them. I wasn't ready at the time to let her go, for many reasons. And I doubted my decision that one Sunday night when she was so close to death ...

But here she is almost one year later now catching fish again, wagging her tail everyday and when I come home from work, I still get to see her happy face in my bedroom window upstairs looking down at me excited to have me home again.

Listen to your heart, always. Yes.

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