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Got a better X Ray

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Hello all
I posted a little while ago asking for some help reading a quite blurry x ray a photo of which was taken on my phone. I had a grave doubts about the quality of this vet before the x ray was taken but the main concern was after 2 vets declared his hips were fine, the blurry image vet declared he had mild hip dysplasia. This vet practice won't send me their x rays but the orthopaedic vet clinic sent me the x rays they did 10 days prior and the images are much clearer I think and I think the positioning is okay from what I've read. Wondering if anyone feels comfortable looking at them and giving an opinion as to how they might rate on an OFA scale I'm an expat living in Manila and they don't seem to use the OFA rating system. I'm just looking to ease my mind that he doesn't appear to have hip dysplasia. The opinion of the vet who specialises in orthopaedics who took these x rays were that his hips are good so you can imagine I was pretty shocked when the other vet declared him as having dysplasia despite no physical findings when manipulating the hip. Thank you
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