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Goodbye Eli

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Terry (Jealous1) is having computer issues and asked me to pass this along. Poor Eli didn't make it and has crossed the bridge. Terry gave him every chance she could and fortunately he found some loving before he had to leave us. I know she did all she could for him and I am sure he loved her for it.

Friday night, Eli began throwing up and having diahrea. This lasted throughout the night about every hour or so and with his weight issue, he became dehydrated. He was taken to one of AGA's vet clinic where bloodwork was run and he was discovered to have Addison's Disease. Along with the multitude of other health problems Eli had, AGA made the decision to not allow him to suffer any longer and he was allowed to pass over to the bridge.

He was a beautiful dog and even throughout all of his pain, when you spoke to him he woud look toward your voice, try to wag his tail, and welcome a loving touch. I am so sorry he had such a short time here. RIP sweet, sweet Eli.
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