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GoldStock Vol 2 images

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By popular demand here is the 2nd batch from GoldStock 2009 along with a lovely shot of one of our very own.
No, not me.
These were all shot on Sunday.
Building Event Marketplace Textile Interior design

Lots of stuff to go through.
Community Event Crowd Table Lunch

All the way from Arizona too.
Pink Banner Skull Advertising Art

Now who could THAT be ?
Dog Canidae Carnivore Dog breed Sporting Group

Another pirate hangout.
Crowd Community Event Recreation World

The GoldStock 2008 Rememberance Quilt

The right ticket number got her a basket of loot.
People Crowd Audience Event Community

A real comfy pooch Sunday evening.
Dog breed Canidae Dog Sporting Group Companion dog

Another comfy pooch.

And now. Our mystery GRF member.

So if no one saw me, it was because I was in stealth mode....
I'll be back next year and definitly do an overnighter.
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