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Hi all! Daisy is almost 10 months old. I had her to the vet for an eye wart (papilloma)! I didn't know they were even a thing!! Anyway, she weighed in at 67 lbs. She gets about 2.5-3 cups of adult food a day. I think I am going to drop her down to a straight 2.5. She doesn't look fat. She has always been "big boned" stature wise. She is getting smarter and smarter. I did cave in and bought a vibrating/beep/shock collar(I have disabled the shock and would never ever use it), and it has made all the difference. She started going through this rebellious stage where she was jumping on me and my adult son. (I think my son was inconsistent with commands while I was at work.) Anyway, I have a back injury from a car accident last year (at this point looking like I will need surgery), and she knocked me down the stairs. So, unfortunately I had to take drastic measures, but it seems to break her attention and she calms down quickly. Thankfully.

I will do anything for this lady! She is so sweet. She is still a bit rough with my chi, but they are both happy and well-supervised.

Just out of curiosity, what are your pups weighing in at? I am hoping Daisy wont gain anymore, but you can see what I mean about her "thick bone" stature. Vet said she could feel her ribs, so she is fine. I think she shouldn't gain anymore. (You can see her eye wart too!)


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