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Hi all... I really hope someone will be able to help me!

I have two golden retrievers - an 18 month old bitch and a 4 year old dog. The 4 year old is a typical retriever- gentle, placid, loves attention and a great family dog. The bitch is a completely different story- constantly hyper, jumpy, territorial... you name it. Earlier this week she had 4 seizuers over night and we brouht her to the vet. He diagnosed epilepsy and gave her epiphen 60 mg - one tablet to be taken twice daily (she is 30kg).

The vet told us that the unbelieveable level of hyper-activity he witnessed during her over night stay was a direct result of the epilepsy and that the medication would really help.


she is worse than ever!! Can't stay still for 10 seconds and is on a constant adrenalin high. Its unbearable!! My wife is 6 months pregnant and she has hurt her by jumping on her bump a number of times already. She is a lovely dog and we don't want to loose her but she would be a real risk to both mother and baby if this continues. :(

She gets long walks and plenty of exercise but it makes absolutely no difference.

Can anyone suggest anything we can do to help?? Finger crossed it will all work out! :crossfing
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