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This is excerpt from GRCC Golden Retriever Breed Standart - Proportion & Size Sections:


The Golden Retriever is a "normal" canine type with a standard canine structure.

Head: Length of muzzle approximately equals the length of skull.

Height: The distance from withers to elbow should approximately equal the distance from elbow to ground.

Height to Length ratio: approximately 11:12 when measured from withers to ground and from prosternum to pinbone.

Bone lengths: The scapula and humerus should be approximately equal in length, as should the pelvis, femur and tibia/fibula in the rear. As a guideline for the eye, the angulation between the scapula and humerus and pelvis and femur should approach ninety degrees.

A vertical line drawn from the pinbone to the ground should drop through the nails of the rear foot.

A dog with the correct proportions and angulation can thereby achieve static balance.


Males 23-24 inches (58-62 cm.) in height at withers; females, 21 ½- 22 ½ inches (55-57 cm.). Length from breastbone to buttocks slightly greater than height at withers in ratio of 12:11. Weight for dogs, 65-75 lb. (29-34 kg); bitches, 60-70 lb. (27-32 kg.)

Commentary: With an emphasis on moderation, preference should be given to those dogs falling within the desirable size limits. Those falling outside the recommended sizes should be faulted to the degree that size might interfere with their efficiency as a working retriever. Many Goldens today are in excess of the suggested weights and coarse, oversized dogs should be considered seriously faulty. Please note that there is no size exemption for puppies concerning the breed disqualification for size. Often Golden Retriever puppies do not meet size requirements until after they are six months of age and therefore should not be shown until they are of legal size.

The 12:11 ratio of proportion indicated in the standard indicates a dog only slightly off square. Correct proportions are important in maintaining the correct outline and functionality of the breed. A dog which is too long in body and too short on leg cannot function as an efficient retriever. The measurement of withers to elbow should be approximately equal to the measurement from elbow to ground. Structure of the fore and hind quarters should reflect nearly equal bone lengths of scapula and humerus, pelvis and femur, to present a picture of correct balance.

Read more here: , their page is really nicely done, with illustrations and so...

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Thanks for this post. I checked the site too. Great source of information.
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