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Gold. Ret. Female Senior in KENTUCKY Kill Shelter

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Another Golden Ret. in Need.
I emld. As Good As Gold, and Grrand for her.
Please email more!

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Golden Retriever
Large Senior Female Dog
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Kelly is an older Golden Retriever (probably 7 or 8) with the personality and heart of a saint. She was found on the side of the road by a dear friend of the shelter and brought in to us so that we could find her a home. She is one of the curly type (some Canadian Golden maybe?) and is extremely sweet and trusting. This girl is as gentle as a lamb and would love to be your best friend for the rest of her life. She'd make a REALLY GREAT best friend. If you are interested in this dog/puppy and want additional information (Still available?? Anything not contained in current description??) please call the shelter staff direct at 606-886-3189. PLEASE DO NOT e-mail for particulars. All adult dogs adopted from shelter are bathed and dipped, given all shots, including rabies, are spayed or neutered and have been tested for the presence of heart worms before leaving the shelter. Adoption fee is $50 for puppies too young for rabies vaccinations and $60 for dogs old enough to be vaccinated for Rabies. Dogs being adopted out of state (to rescue organizations for example) require veterinary Health Certification. There is a $10 fee for this in addition to the adoption fee.
My Contact InfoAnimal Shelter - Floyd County KY
Prestonsburg, KY
[email protected]
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Prestonburg is the opposite side of the state from me, but I'll put the word out just in case anyone around me knows of anyone who can help


Thanks for spreading word.
I believe I emld. GRRAND for her can you too?
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