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Going toilet inside :(

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Since about 3 weeks ago Rupert started to go toilet in the night (both) and now he is going in the day too. He was at the vets 2 weeks ago and they said everything seemed fine, but maybe its not.

He hasn't ever asked to go out, I would go out with him and tell him to go toilet and he would, but now he is just peeing inside. People on another forum suggested going back to basics, so we have done, but I took him out and he did a pee, and less than an hour later he did a pee inside as well when I left the room.

I had to go out last night so I put him to bed in the hope he would sleep but got home to find the biggest pee every and his bed in it.

He was sedated when he went to the vets last time as he was just really nervy and hyper, I'm wondering whether something more serious is wrong.

In the summer both my brothers were home but they have since gone back to uni (in Sept). We had a lodger who we got rid of because he didn't like Roo and thought Roo should be kicked out as he was a rubbish dog yada yada, and I wonder if he's just incredibly unsettled with people coming and going, brother and his girlfriend were back this weekend and went Sunday, but I just don't know what's wrong :(

I've never told him off when he goes toilet inside as its meant to make them feel they aren't allowed to go at all, but its like he thinks he's meant to go inside, he was all smiley and happy when I went in and saw it, I'm not sure what to do :(
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How old is Rupert? You should have your vet check for a urinary tract infection though, a change in potty habits ususally suggests a medical problem, UTI is often the problem. They will need a fresh catch of urine to test at the vets office.

If there is no infection, back to basics is a the right way to go. Shorten the amount of time between trips out to potty.
He's 14 months old.

Thing is we went out and he went, then an hour later he did a huge pee inside. I kind of hope it is a UTI in that it will be easier to fix :(
I would have a test done to see if he has an urinary tract infection. If he doesnt then you need to put him on a schedule and take him out like a puppy after he eats drink, plays and sleeps. Also keep him on a leash next to you so you can see him before he goes.
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