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Going camping with Brooks, and it's going to rain

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Months ago, we planned a camping weekend at the beach for this weekend. I just looked at the forecast. 50% chance of rain beginning about 4 hours before we arrive and pretty much continuing the same the whole time.
I guess that means we'll be spending a lot of time in the tent with a smelly,wet, sandy dog.
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Good luck to you, I'm thinking you will make the best of it! Wet dog, wet wool, same comforting smell :).
Eek! have fun with that combination :D Be sure to take LOTS of pictures!!
Look at it being 50% sunny during the day and rain at night. So you can sleep good and have fun in the day. Those weather people never get it right so hopefully they are wrong again and you have great weather.
maybe he needs his own tent.
Wet golden in a tent with the zoomies....sounds like a lot of fun
: )
If your weathermen in your area are as "correct" as ours in our area you'll be fine!! ;) (ours are NEVER right-drives my husband insane:uhoh:)
Oh noooo!! I hope you have clear weather for your trip. Where are you going?
Here in Seattle, we never plan anything around the weather forecast. If you do, you will never actually do anything. Worry about the stuff you can actually control. :)
Look at it being 50% sunny during the day and rain at night. So you can sleep good and have fun in the day.
Well, you should take up weather forecasting, because that is exactly what we got!!!

Our only misadventure because of the rain involved getting back into the campground after hours. We all went out to dinner and got back after 10pm so the gate to the campground was locked. By then it had started we had to hold an umbrella, and shine a flashlight on the lock as we dialed the combination to the lock----which didn't work. Meanwhile, we are getting drenched because the lock was upsidedown and on the opposite side of the gate. In the end, we went to the out gate, and that lock opened.
I was wondering how it was going?

I'm glad you had good daytime weather and still got to come home with a good camping story!

Bring good foul weather gear for yourself and lots of extra towels for Brooks. Be sure to keep your sleeping bags rolled up until you have Brooks settled in on his sleeping spot and you will be fine. Keep the camera handy.
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