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goes crazy for other dogs

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I'm sure this question has been asked numerous times, but here goes again...

Chloe is 8 months, 70lbs, and loves everything. I have taught her loose leash walking with the clicker and she is doing pretty well. She gets at least 2 45min-1hr walks a/day with at least 30 minutes of that off leash. Her recall is pretty good as I have been able to recall her at close range of other off leash dogs and people.

Now here is my problem. She will be walking beautifully on leash until we meet up with another dog or if I stop to talk to someone....SHE GOES CRAZY! She will start to jump and lunge and try to lick everyone and if it's a dog, she figures it's play time. Even if she's just been for a 45 minute off leash run, she still goes nuts when she sees another dog. Last night I tried to stop and talk to my neighbors and she just about knocked us over. I ended up standing on her leash holding her in a sit until she tried to pull out of her buckle collar.

I have tried to be consistent and never tolerated jumping up. She does not jump on me although she does try it sometimes when we are playing and she is reprimanded for this by turning my back or just ending the game and walking away.

My neighbors think she is just nuts. :no: It's pretty embarrassing actually to have her going crazy when we are just trying to exchange pleasantries.

I feel that I have tried everything, but please if you have ANY advise, PLEASE feel free to input.

Many thanks
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We've been having the same problem with our 7 month old Dexter.....he just loves all people and dogs. When we see another person or dog approaching, we put him on a sit and watch command, so he is sitting and looking up at us. Once the focus sets in, we either tell him to stay until the people/dogs approach us, or we put him on a heel and continue walking until we pass.

It's a work in progress and being in his adolescent stage, it doesn't always work as desired. Right now, about half the time he sees people/dogs approaching he sits down on his own ( at the first sit command) and looks up at us for the next command.....and the other half of the time he goes crazy. Small victories and consistency, right?

We found that the town green is a good place to practice since there are many people walking back and forth, instead of one lone person passing on a walk. We find a bench to sit at, and reinforce with praise and treats when he waits for someone to come up to him, or ignores people walking by who or uninterested in his presence.

However, we are having a big problem with him being mouthy when people come up to pet him. It passes after a bit, but for the first 10 or so seconds all he wants to do is put their hand in his mouth. It's a light affectionate bite but people don't want their hands in a strange dogs mouth, and it scares little kids.
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