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I have to think about what my primary goals are beyond the following LOL

Happy & healthy aging for Faelan & Towhee, beyond that we'll see where life takes us.

UD for Brady
Finish Aedan's CDX and get his UD
Finch has been bred so a happy and healthy litter for her.

Perhaps I will finish Finch's CD and give Barb a break !! start more advanced training for her.

One goal I do have and have started working on involves the dogs of course.

I am working on my ability to sprint with speed and agility -- I hold my dogs back in agility since as perfect goldens, they tend to want to stay close so I need to get faster and more agile!! I am not exactly blessed with a strong butt which I know contributes to speed so I have added 'Strong Curves' to my workout routine along with agility ladders and circles :)

Aedan and Finch will both excel in agility I think if I can get my 'butt' in gear LOLOLOL

For the sake of completeness: Here is the hopeful litter information for Finch (duplicated from the 2018 thread)


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Tito, God willing, will be 12 in a couple of weeks. So my real goal is to keep him happy and healthy as long as possible, and continue to make memories.
We're going out upland hunting Thursday morning, so obviously he still feels great.
We've planned a couple of vacations for the coming year, and we'll be taking him along as always. So more memories.
Still debating the VST. Not sure I want to make the commitment. But my training partner is retiring from her job the end of this month, and we'll see where that takes us.
We've been going to barn hunt, but I don't plan to trial him in it. As much as he loves it, well, he really doesn't need any more titles and I don't need to spend the $$ getting them.

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I love these threads! Here's mine from/for 2018:

<<<<<<<Slater - UD and continue to show in Utility until all the fuss about new open rules fizzles down and I figure out what we have to do with that

Bally - CD and train for whatever the new Open stuff is. I am done showing him in Breed unless it's something special like the National. Field we are in a holding pattern lots of therapy marks. If they had a National Open for Blinds I would enter him but turns out they want your dog to mark, too

Brix - should be ready for JH/WC by the summer. He's really looking like a teenager these days and ages out of 12-18 the first of March so not sure how many shows we will do while he grows up.
Personally, I'd love to lose 10-15 more pounds, learn to ride my motorcycle better, keep making money, and I have several judging assignments coming up that I'm looking forward to

Oh! And another trip to Canada would be great

Well I more or less did these!
Slater and I DID go in the Utility ring but did not earn his final pass. He just needs one for his title. Our first attempt in the Utility ring he was winning everything with a 198 and he took the wrong jump at the very end. That was his best performance. Not long after that he was dx with PU which went zero to sixty in one eye and within two months he was blind in his left eye. We entered several more trials but it was just too hard to manage with his eye pressures and meds. In November he had evisceration and prosthesis surgery on his left eye and is almost healed up from that. He is pain free now and acting like his old self. His right eye appears to be holding steady. In the next few weeks we'll head back to the obedience building.

Bally DID get his CD and an all-breed HIT. We just showed two weekends but he was superb. I haven't touched obedience since then with anybody. When I start back with Slater I'll jump back into it with Bally too.

Brix was the star earning his JH and WC (no fails) and FOUR SPECIALTY MAJORS to finish his Championship!!!!! 100% specialty majors for all his points. He is really coming along with his field work too.

We did TWO trips to Canada where Bally finished his CH and WCI, Brix earned another 5 point major and his Can. WC, and Slater earned his Can. CD & WC as well. In the fall we had a quick trip to Ontario that 63 days later resulted in Brix' first litter :)

I did not lose 10-15 more pounds -- I WISH!!!!! :))))))))))))

Business is good, dogs are healthy, I'm in my new home that I love, Grom is rockin it, things are good! Let's have more of that!!

Dog Goals for 2019:


Bally : We're starting tracking so I want to get a TD and also train for CDX and hopefully trial by the end of the year.

Brix : Chip away at GCH, be ready for Senior by the end of the year

Trips : Already have trips planned for Westminster, Louisville, Small Bore gathering at Barber Motorsports, Erie Shores Ontario (again) and I'm judging at the National :)

Best of luck to everyone in this upcoming year!!!

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For Maisey I’m hoping for 4 Master passes by July 31 to qualify for 2019 MN. We will also attempt the triathlon award at the Western Regional in March. It is also time to get a little bit more serious about formal obedience.

Molly — I’d like for her to be ready to enter Open A. Maybe run her in Canadian HTs.

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I'm not even going to look at my 2018 goals, because everything dog trialing related went kablooey with real life stuff concerning family, dogs, and everything. It basically was like a shrapnel bomb going off right in front of me. There's pieces of that bomb still dug in and I don't think they will ever go away...

My general "big story" dog goals for 2019 =

Bertie - same thing as 2018. CDX legs and CH. I don't think I'll quit obedience unless he tells me he can't do it anymore, but am contemplating letting go of CH goal by the end of the year and focusing only on obedience.

Jovi - Am debating about whether I care enough to do Rally and BN (I don't care about the titles, but both are good opportunities to get a young dog out earlier) or if I just want to skip and focus on maybe entering his first Nov B trial in Sept. I have no idea where he will be for conformation goals right now, since he's slow growing.

More specific goals =

Jovi = Get him to stop jumping on me! Drives me nuts. :bowl:

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Goals 2019

She will be 10 in February and post TPLO. So strong, health and happy tops the list.
Try Tracking or Upland with her.

MH, needs 2 passes.
Qualify for 2020 MARC which would also qualify us for 2019 MNH.
Learn and be pretty far down proofing road for all CDX and UD exercises.

Love my Golden Boys!!
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My 2019 goals for Ledger are:

Pick away at some GCH points. He obtained his Championship in December at 15 months.
He has 2 RN legs so will need to get his 3rd and then move on to Rally Advance/Excellent.
Hopefully obtain his CD. He knows all of his Novice/Open and most of the Utility exercises but need to proof them under a variety of situations.
I was hoping to get his JH and WC last year but he threw me for a loop with his unexpected fear of gunners out in the field. So we will continue to work on this and I'm hoping it's something he'll grow out of by spring.
If time permits, I would also like to get his TD title.
We are also working on his advanced Scent Detection and have entered a sanction match in a couple of weeks.
I am also starting to introduce him to agility but this would be last on our list of things to do.

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My goal for Rocket for 2018 was to get his RI, RA, and RE titles. I’m happy to say that we achieved that goal and we got a BN title as well. We had a bit of a crazy year: moved from Houston to Columbus, OH at the end of the summer. The whole process took several months. We got his first RE and BN legs at The National, which was pretty special.

My 2019 goals for Rocket are to pick up as many RM/RAE/RACH legs as we can, ideally 10 triple Q’s with at least one High Triple Combined and one High Combined. The new rule changes make the RACH more affordable than before. I also plan on really working on attention heeling, since that was where the majority of our points off in BN came from.

My other goal for 2019 is to convince my husband that we need another dog in time for a litter that my breeder has planned for the spring. I definitely want a girl this time and I’m super excited about the cross. I’ll post the pedigree when we know for sure if she’s pregnant. 🙂

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Goals for 2018 were centered around getting Fisher and myself ready to dive into the competitive dog sports world. We accomplished getting our toes wet and now in 2019 I hope to make some real headway towards titles. For hunt tests, we didn't start until late in the season which turned out to be really difficult to manage safely with the heat and his thick coat. In 2019 I plan to hit the early spring hunt tests and hopefully finish our SHR title. If I can find JH tests nearby I'll enter those as well and try for that title.

Fisher will turn two in March so I intend to finish his health tests at that time. If he passes those then I'll be more serious about getting him in the conformation ring. We've done one show so far and its fun, but not something I'll do just for the heck of it like I will the performance events.

Lastly, my big plan for 2019 is actually getting a new puppy! I'm switching breeds for my next dog and getting a working line German Shepherd. I'm on the list for an amazing breeding that I desperately hope produces a puppy for me. The timing of that puppy coming home isn't until late summer though, so intend to concentrate most of my trialing in 2019 to the first half of the year.
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