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Go figure!

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So, my best friend and I made appointments for our golden girls to get spayed this Tuesday. Yes it's a bit late (her golden is 10 months, mine almost is) but money's been tight lately. So anyways, last night I find blood spotting on the bed and carpets...sure enough, Kaylee has gone into heat. 2 days before we were home free!

So I text my best friend to tell her and guess what....HER golden had gone into heat the exact same day. They play together 1-2 times a week, is it typical for goldens to go into heat cycles together when they are close like that? It's so crazy. Now Kaylee has a doggy diaper on and looks miserable but I prefer it to crating her all day.

A question, what can I expect from her getting spayed? Will she stay overnight, how long does it take to recover, will it change her behavior? Any advice at all is welcome :D
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I would hold off on spaying her until she is done with her cycle. It is harder on them when getting spayed while in heat and some vets dont like to do it or charge more while their in heat. Check with your vet.
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