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Transition to Home Cooked Dog Food

I have two goldens. One has GI track issues and is highly sensitive. Her name is Chloe and has been off and on certain commercial brands of dog food: Hills Diet CD and ID as well as Blue Buffalo Basic brand and Diamond brand dog foods.

I have been in the up and down process of getting them switched to an all natural diet away from the manufactured process food as I am slowly not trusting processed commercial products.

When I refer to chicken in this posting I mean that i am actually buying the chicken from Costco, boiling it and cutting it up and giving it to them.

It started off as just rice and chicken but I guess we are primed to believe they need other nutrients, even though they are technically carnivores. So I was mixing pumpkin and yogurt with boiled chicken. One day my wife gave them oatmeal which totally through off their systems and they had diarrhea for 3 days and took them awhile to get back on track. They seemed to do well with the chicken and rice mixed in with pumpkin but they where getting a little on the thin side and I felt they where not getting enough nutrition. I guess what I'm saying is that there are no "directions" as to how much to feed them when cooking at home and I haven't found the right serving size yet.

Then I tried Honest Kitchen Grain Free Base and then only added the chicken. Within two hours or less they where pooping and I needed to rush them outside so they could relieve themselves. Chloe, the one who has GI track issues, had accidents at night. Their poop was soft but had a form of the dry dehydrated mix of the Honest food. They would poop about 5 times a day and a lot of it. Now in comparison to when they where on dry commercial brand dog food they would poop on average 2 times per day. Not to mention the accidents that would happen mainly and night. I work from home but would have to run them out often. Now I have laid off the Honest Base mix for about 24 hours now and grabbed a bag of Blue Buffalo Basic Limited ingredient food to mix in with the boiled chicken. I would give about 1 cup to 1 1/2 two times per day. On day 1 and their poo has sort of returned back to normal. The Honest Kitchen base mix seemed to be like an anima to them.

I called the Honest Kitchen dog food company and was told to introduce new food to them gradually, like over 3 days to 1 week is recommended. They also advised I try their Perfect Form Gastrointestinal Supplement in the process due to Chloe having GI issues. Which i started adding today 4/20/2016

I would also like to add that I've been using a probiotics and enzyme supplements, sprinkling it on Chloe's food while we have been switching to this all natural diet. Chloe has the GI issues but Missy seems to be doing better then Chloe. Yet with Missy its still not normal. Chloe is the one with the bigger reaction to the change but yet still the change has not been going so well thus far.

I have been doing a lot of researching and just a little confused and slightly frustrated at this point as this is going on week 3 and i haven’t been able to balance a good diet for them yet. I was even told by a vet to give them turkey which I have, yet again I think they have become thin in the process, thus needing something to balance everything out so as of today 4/20/2016 starting to go back to a kibble and boiled chicken mix for awhile to see.

So as it stands as of 4/20/2016 my plan right now is to feed them about 1/2 kibble and 1/2 boiled chicken and hopefully use less kibble and use the Honest Kitchen base mix with the chicken as a supplement from time to time.

I am a little worried about their weight so i am sticking to the kibble and chicken and give them more of a transition time to adjust.

I am looking for any suggestion from anyone out there who is doing the same thing I am trying out. As a side note, I have also been using turkey for them. I was told it is easier to digest.

I’ve put some posts up on a blog.
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Here is pictures of what I have been feeding them -
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