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Getting taLLer

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My boy Max is so leggy and getting leggier every day!! Tonight, I'm coming from the living room into the kitchen, and Max is standing against the kitchen sink, leaning in, licking the tomato meat sauce off of the dirty plate on top of the pile of dishes and upon further inspection, he's eaten all of the noodles I had on the counter next to it.
I remember liking getting taller because I could reach more things, ride cooler amusement rides, see farther. I see the same kind of mentality applies to Max. :D
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LOL. Sounds like you have a certified counter surfer there. Gonna have to train yourself to slide everything to the back. :p:
LOL... Bailey would love to do that too if she could. She gets food off of the kitchen table that her human sisters forget to put away.

Gotta love their counter surfing abilities!:p:
Welcome to the club. JOY is about that tall too. TTT We try not to leave ANYTHING with in reach on the counter. Yesterday she got the top half to my tuna sandwich. Just the bread or I would have been pissed. :). Guess this is all part of it. Hey how do you make your pic collages.?
BTW, Max is such a handsome boy!
Thank you!

BTW, Max is such a handsome boy!

Thanks for saying so! His mom and pop are due all the credit - I think he's a pretty boy myself. :) Bailey is adorable as well!! Aren't we lucky to have such beautiful dogs?!
I'm starting to deal with some of the same problems. Winchester can't reach the sink yet, but his nose can get just above the table now. Plus, my 3 year old likes to "share" his meals with Winchester at the table when my back is turned. I hate begging dogs. I guess I'll have to start putting him in his crate while we are eating.

Max is such a good-looking fellow! I love his color.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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