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Winter is coming. I work for a ski area. I am a lucky person in that from about November through April that means my "office" is up in the mountains. I plan to bring Murphy with me most days. He won't be able to actually be with me inside or while I'm working on the snow, but I figure it will be a lot more fun to split the day between playing in the snow and being in the car then to just be crated at home! Most of my co-workers have dogs too.

An average day will probably go like this:

6:00 am - get up, eat breakfast, go out in the backyard while I make my breakfast
6:30 - 8:00 - drive
8:00-8:30 - play outside in the snow with the other dogs
then from 8:30-3 or so he will be in the car. He will get to come out every few hours to walk and pee and so on
3:00-3:30 - play outside in the snow
then drive home (1.5hrs), eat dinner, cuddle on the couch, etc...

I have a crate that fits in my car that he will fit into for another few months, maybe, and he's also been fine left loose in the car for a few hours before. I need advice on what to use to keep him occupied while he's in there (he loves marrow bones, I'm thinking of buying him some antlers or maybe bully sticks?).

He is pretty trustworthy and not very destructive but I am worried that that could change at any second at this age.

I know that it's unlikely that anyone else has been in this situation but any advice would be appreciated!

We'll be headed up to the mountain on Monday for some training stuff so that'll be our test run. I'm thinking I'll have him in the crate and give him a new and exciting toy. I'm not too worried about him getting cold as he is a fluffy guy and did just fine at 5 months camping in 25 degree weather but I will definitely provide blankets and put a hoody on him if it gets too cold (usually around 30 degrees at the mtn).

First two pictures are of my "office" :)
Third one is Murph's most recent picture, sorry it's blurry.


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