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Gender and timing for a second GR

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This is the first time I've posted but I have been reading advice from this Forum ever since our wonderful pup walked into our lives! We have a good natured female Golden who is essentially a member of our family. She doesn't spend much time with other dogs, but absolutely loves people and is good with both adults and children. She's a typical velcro dog, following me from room to room, but doesn't have a problem entertaining herself (mostly sleeping I believe) when we are not around. We would like to get a second pup this summer or fall, and I was wondering if anyone here would share their experiences and thoughts on bringing a second dog into the house. I am afraid to rock the boat but we are so happy with one dog, that I am thinking that two can only be better! General thoughts welcome, and any specific comments on male vs female, and best age to introduce a new puppy to the house (she is 2.5 years now). Thanks!
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There are a lot of great threads already that you can search about adding another dog.

From personal experience, it was rocky at first but would not change a thing. There were times when I looked at my 2 month old that was learning house training and my 2 year old that was still fairly hyper and thought what the heck did I do!

But I think (for us) that it was well worth the extra energy. Good luck with your decision!

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Double the work but the return is well worth it. My two bonded quick and now are BFF's. It's nice to know that they have each other when your not around. Good luck with your decision.
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