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Ga-two gorg. Gr's at athens, ga-honey and spud!!!!--RESCUED

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Wow, he's gorgeous!

Spud – 29341 (Redish Golden Ret. Pics)

Age: 4 years
Breed: Golden Retriever
Gender: Male
Impound Date: 11/7/09
Ledger #: 29341
Weight: 62 pounds
Why choose me?
Spud is here with his pal Juno and is also no stranger to animal control. He’s a happy, well-behaved boy who knows how to walk politely on the leash and will even sit for a treat. Even though he is not yet neutered, he doesn’t seem to be overly interested in other dogs or in romancing the ladies, which is a definite plus! Golden Retrievers make wonderful family dogs and I’m sure that Spud would be no different. He would like a family that allows him to be a loved member of the family and not a dog running free. Hurry in to add this handsome fellow to your life!

Interested in adopting? Adoption Procedure

Honey – 29343
Available! Honey -White GOlden Ret.

Age: 2-4 months
Breed: Golden Retriever Mix
Gender: Female
Impound Date: 11/7/09
Ledger #: 29343
Weight: 21 pounds
Why choose me?
What a cutie pie! Honey is a golden retriever mix puppy who is oh-so-cuddly and adorable…and she knows it! Even though she’s a young puppy, she already knows how to walk on the leash and will walk along willingly with the occasional encouragement. Like most puppies, Honey was well-behaved while I checked her ears, teeth, and nails and didn’t have any problems with being rolled over onto her back in a submissive position. I would encourage Honey’s new owners to continue with her socialization and training so that she grows into a well-behaved adult dog. I would estimate that Honey would be comparable in size to a Golden Retriever (around 50 pounds) once she’s fully grown since she already weighs more than 20 pounds. Honey is a wonderful pup who deserves and equally wonderful family!

Interested in adopting? Adoption Procedure

This is not an official web site of Athens-Clarke County. For additional information on a dog please contact the shelter at 706-613-3540.


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On the Athens website, they have a list of rescues that you can donate to. This also said not to e-mail these rescues b/c they can not pull anymore dogs. One of the rescues was Adopt a Golden of Atlanta. Should we stop e-mailing them for awhile?
Wow. I may just have to foster those for HL, I'll talk to DH. They'd be easy to place. I have a home waiting for a male like that, but he won't take anything HW positive. Anyone have a HW status on this dog?
Oh Karen - you beat me to them! I was going to post these two this afternoon, but my dh made me go look at new kitchen appliances.

As far as heartworm status on Spud, someone on the new Athens Pets Yahoo group might know or be able to find out. I can ask there and let you know.
I'll take the puppy, someone can pull for me and I can foster for Heidi's Legacy.

Please do ask about the male. I already sent his pictures to the guy.
Just emld

I just emld. all three rescues
They might need donations to pull them.
AGA, GRRA and Atlanta Dog Squad is who I emld. for Spud and Honey
I asked about Spud's HW status and will keep you posted. Do you need a contact for pulling? A poster on the Lab Forum is local to Athens and I have her e-mail address. Or, there may be people who can help in the Yahoo group.
If you have some one who can pull that's great. Is there a rescue pull fee? Waiting to hear back from the Spud guy, but I can take the baby.
Isn't there a good chance these guys will get adopted? I can't believe they won't. Keep me posted!
Yes, I would hope these two would have a good chance of getting adopted. But, you never know and Athens does euth, although usually pits, pit mixes, and bully breeds are the ones who don't make it. Their website is beautiful and seems to get a lot of traffic.

I don't know about pull fees, but I could find out.
Lexie of GRRA

Just got email from Lexie of Adopt a Golden Atlanta.
She Said GRRA is on this

I emld back to ask if they will take both Honey and Spud.
Wonderful, thanks, let me know!
Good to hear that Lexie is on this - I had just read on the Lab Forum that AGA, GRRA, and Atlanta Dog Squad are all full. And, I heard a couple of weeks ago that AGA was not accepting mixes now. So - maybe it's not quite as bleak as I was thinking.

Lexie of Adopt a Golden Atlanta said that she has confirmed with GRRA that they are taking Spud.
Honey the pup has millions of adoption apps on her.

Are they taking the two at Newton?
I sent the two at Newton to AGA and GRRA, but haven't heard anything from them. Karen may know more, but my experience has been if they're going to take a dog, they usually respond right away. It might not hurt if someone else contacted them about the two at Newton - I wouldn't want them to slip through the cracks.
Apparently Spud, like Austin the 13 year old from a few weeks ago, is a regular visitor to ACCAC. The story on the Athens Yahoo group is that he is kept chained and when he gets off the chain, he runs away. I would too! He reportedly has been reclaimed by his owners :(
It's pretty sad when a visit to animal control counts as an "outing". Poor boy.
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