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I would say BEAR is a lab golden mix when he has his full coat, he has a thick undercoat, totally not flatcoat.

I am in the Atlanta area of Georgia, east of the city going out toward Athens and UGA.

Here is the write up I shared with people who I thought might be interested:


I do know a WONDERFUL dog in the Jacksonville area of FL who is available - not a fcr, but very similar. His mom just went thru a divorce and she is now living with her mother, whose dogs will not allow any other dogs in the home. He is living with a friend of hers who is a pet sitter, but that can not be indefinitely. Please let me know if you have any interest. His name is Bear and:
is 6 years old
neutered and up to date on his vaccinations
loves children
likes to carry around balls and will retrieve but does not bring back
is very laid back and wants to be wherever you are
weighs about 65 pounds and is about 23 inches tall
is very friendly with other dogs and is OK with cats, not aggressive at all

In addition, I observed him with the family's dog and even though the other dog was asking for issues, Bear turned away and ignored all attempts to get him flustered. Bear understands dog language and I believe would be good in a multi-dog home even if they were little dogs. He lived with maltese and shitzu's prior to his human's divorce. She had no issues placing them, but the BBdog (big, black) and older was more than she could handle. Now it is not her problem, but mine. And she won't even return my calls or emails.

He does not have any trouble walking from what I could see, but then he was mostly in the car with me and now he is being boarded until Thursday when he will come home with me, much to my chagrin. He does have a bit of an issue traveling in crates - he could not really handle standing or sitting and kept collapsing whenever I went around a corner or bend in the road. I have a 900 sq ft house (if that) and 3 dogs is very uncomfortable.

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Here are a couple of photos of him:
(Maureen, not sure if you remember this photo, but he is one of the ones you sent me and others earlier this summer (probably about 8 weeks ago, about the same time that Maggie and I pulled Lacey). He is utd on all vaccinations and neutered, housebroken, HW negative, certainly appears to be very non-confrontational, and is now utterly confused by all the changes that have taken place in his life. Jena (his previous mom) said he was 6 yo, he is closer to 7 yo and does have a bit of white under his chin. I would call him a retriever mix, though today he did not seem inclined to retrieve anything.

He is going to stay at my friend, Trish, boarding kennel until Thursday when I need to pick him up at my expense - going to be a struggle due to my lack of job. I can not keep him long at all and given the flea infestation at my home, I would rather not bring him home at all because I just don't have the resources to have a 3rd dog at this time. Plus Karat is in season and I have to possibly send her to a kennel while she is in standing heat as Koa has figured it out this time.

He does sit a lot and has a very difficult time traveling in a crate. I am concerned there may be some physical isse with him that no one has diagnosed. Next weekend, I am taking a class on cranial sacral osteopathy and may take him as a practice dog. If there is no home in a month, I may need to make a tough decision in his best interest.
The Before

The After


AMANDA REALLY NEEDS TO FIND HIM A HOME. She cannot afford boarding fees for more than a few days-she is unemployed as I am right now and sort of got roped into finding him a rescue. she is a Flat Coat Rescuer.

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