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Furniture question

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Our pup is almost 5 months. Recently he is getting on the couch but he is laying nicely. We tell him "off" and encourage him to get down on his own. Most of the time we have to pull him down. I'd like to train him that he can only get on the couch when invited but he's only laying down quietly so I wondered if I should still make a fuss about it. Thanks for your thoughts.
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I guess it depends on whether you want him on the furniture without invitation. If you want him to wait to be invited, then you need to be very consistent about enforcing it. Otherwise, the couch is his!
I cant help you as right now, two of mine are wrestling on the couch.
We let ours on the couch with us. If we're in the house she will wait to be invited, but we know she sneaks up there when we're out. Not a huge deal for us, just make sure you know what you're willing to put up with.
we have to beg our dog to jump on teh couch with us to hang out.
he will go up there himself to nap so we figure he's nervous about finding the space
between us to get there...
I allow Bailey on the couch, especially when I'm on it too. Hubby is not too happy about it. However, it's very rare that Bailey jumps on the couch on her own as she'd rather be on the floor or in her kennel. When she starts to shed, I will cover the couch with a blanket or sheet, so it doesn't get all full of hair.
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