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Furbuster reviews??

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After reading a thread on the Mars tool, and borrowing a bamboo product from a friend, I felt I needed some feedback from some members before I order a new product.

First, let me say I do not show my dogs, I am just looking for a way to keep my dogs neat and my house clean and free from too much hair.

I borrowed a bamboo tool, called an undercoat brush, and although it helped, it still did not remove all loose hairs. I looked at the Bamboo website and found something called the furbuster. I was thinking of ordering that plus a slicker brush from that company with the attached combs. Does anyone have any experience with any of these products? I suspect that the furbuster is very similar to the furminator, only alittle cheaper and less professional looking.

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I use the Furminator (found here I bought it off of ebay since it was a lot cheaper than through other sites. It works pretty well in my opinion although I've never tried other types. I can run it through Bella's coat with one short stroke, and it will remove a good amount of dead hair from the undercoat. When I'm done brushing her, I have the bottom of my trash can full of dead hair. It works 100x better than just using a slicker brush.
Furminator for me also.
I haven't tried any other brand.
I bought the Furbuster from Wal-mart a couple months ago for Cam. The brush works excellent, removes a lot of undercoat fur with minimal effort. I have always used the slicker brush in the past, but Cam was shedding everywhere and I needed to try something different. I highly recommend the Furbuster and from what I can tell is almost identical to the more expensive Furminator. :)

Thanks Jeff! Did you get the large? I was thinking to get the set of 3 blades in one package. I think its only a few dollars more that way, and it may work for tighter areas like behind the ears and chest. Do you still use the slicker brush? Or does the furbuster get all the loose hair, including the long top coat?
I bought the medium size and it is perfect, any larger would be a little difficult to work with. I only use the Furbuster once or twice a month and continue to use my slicker brush almost daily. If you have any other questions just let me know!

I will be ordering the set, jus so I have all the sizes, and also a slicker brush. I hope these 2 items do the trick. I am getting alittle tired of all the vacuuming around here. I knew with a dog along comes the hair, but lately its been really bad, and he is only almost 7 months old. I need to find something that works well, before I lose my marbles! HA
I have a Furbuster and actually prefer it to the Furminator since the blades are more easily switched out. Works great! Also available on ebay for a fraction of the price found in the stores.
Please take a look at they have stripper tools that have various size of teeth, that are just wonderfull , they are $7.99 , I have the other tools you spoke of, the mastor groomers are much better.
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