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Hi Everyone!

My family and I have had Frosty for about six weeks now. She is turning 13 weeks on Sunday. Her behavior has been aggressive and has recently gotten way out of control. She bights us any chance she gets, despite the fact we tether her and put her in timeout every time she does. She relives herself in the house, on the carpet, about 50% of the time, even though we graciously award and applaud her every time she "goes" outside.

Frosty has been to four training classes, and one doggy daycare to get her to interact with other Goldens. She has ignored everything we've tried teaching her, and the worst part, she wakes up at 12:00am, 4:00am, 5:00am and 7:00am almost every morning to go potty, even though we last fed her before 6:00pm, and take her to go potty right before bed. I just can't figure out what my family is doing wrong. When we first picked out Frosty, she was very different than her fellow littermates. She never barked, ran, bit, or anything! We considered naming her "Mellow," but now she is the exact opposite. May "Lil' Devil" would be more suitable. Please give any tips you may have, from previous experience. Thank you so much!
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