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Hi guys-

I just got Emma a free new collar and then thought of you all (especially anyone who has frequent fosters and has to buy collars). I was online and found a link to Gilt (it's one of those daily sale type of sites). This isn't an affiliate link-I think it's actually some sort of promotion from MTV. Either way, you get a free $20.00 credit. They have pet collars listed under "ruf love" and they are very cute. They are on sale for $10.00 and shipping is $7.95 so my total was actually $0.00. Use this link if you are interested in trying it out. Hope you guys can score some free collars too!

The link: Join Gilt Groupe

I actually blog about all kinds of pet deals like this..but, unfortunately, my advertising conflicts with the forum. I don't want to lose posting options so I can't post the link. If you are interested in knowing more maybe email me? [email protected]. Hopefully, that's okay.
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