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Force Fetch/Force Break

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Looking for all opinions on Force Fetching and methods used.

We have a deposit on a new puppy that we will be picking up next month. Ruby, who we lost in August, was our loving family pet and hunting companion. She did very well at both and was the first hunting dog I trained myself. She wasn’t perfect, but she was a joy to hunt with. Our next pup will hopefully pan out to be the same, our family pet and hunting companion. But in addition to that, I plan to pursue hunting titles and dabble in Field Trials, at least at the Derby and Qualifer level. I don’t have asperations of a AFC titles. Derby JAMs or a QAA sometime in his life would be considered a huge success. All of this is more for the fun of it and to supplement training, not to earn titles or ribbons.

I've been wrestling with the idea of force fetching our next pup. It seems there are a couple of different “camps” on this. I have not done it in the past. Ruby never really had an issue but then again, she was never judged or competed with other dogs. If she dropped a bird while hunting, it didn’t make any difference. In a HT or FT, it could end your day, so I can see the reasons for force fetching. I also understand that it if not done correctly, it can ruin a dog. This obviously makes me nervious and if I decide to do it, may have somebody else train him for at least this part. I struggle with this because much of the joy I get out of hunting with my dogs and watching them work comes from the fact that I trained them. I’ve been told by well respected trainers that force fetching is a must and others have told me to take a “wait and see” approach.

What sparked this thread was a comment that "Hotel4Dogs" made in a different post, saying a professional trainer recommended NOT force fetching her GR. I'm really curious to find out the reasons he gave you.

Also looking for opinions from others that have gone through this. I've seen enough Labs and CB Retrievers work and can see how some of them would require it, or even a hard headed Golden, but I'm thinking a wait and see approach may be best. Goldens can be a little different than the other retrievers. Your thoughts?
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I trained two other Goldens before Dooley without using a FF "system" at the time I was young just learning. Dooley is a very smart, however hard headed boy that in the end I realized I needed help. His problem was not the fetch, it was the hold and I sent him out for professional help. I know he won't make a field trial dog, but I am sure with a lot of work, he can get at least a Senior hunter, maybe even Master, but time will tell.

Just because you seek help from a pro does not mean that you cannot take pride in knowing you trained your dog, but rather understood you had areas that needed help. In my experience FF was one of those areas. Other than that, I have done all the training and am proud of what Dooley can do.

My trainer loves to work Doo as his obedience is far superior then his other clients dogs and that makes me feel good in itself.Don't be discouraged, but don't be hesitant to seek help and advise. But as mentioned earlier, make sure your advise comes from someone who can see beyond breed and train the dog they are training.

Good luck and keep us posted on the puppy! What lines is he/she?
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It seems like you got it! Good thread.
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