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For Those People Who Think Black Golden Retrievers Are a Thing, Even Though They're Not

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This is a terrific post by Guide Dogs for the Blind. It's a must read by those folks who think black Golden Retrievers are a thing. They are a Lab-Golden cross and the post does a great job explaining the genetics. While deliberately producing a cross would be unethical for the purpose of selling puppies, in this instance, there is a long genetic history and study of the benefits LGXs produce in the service world. These puppies are never for sale.

Black AND Fluffy? Welcome, Neutrino!
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Thanks for taking the time to answer me. It's just this is the first time I heard of this golden. Seems everyone really knows about him - the fame and perhaps in this forum the not so good.
Tucker is YouTube famous basically. He has a large following there, and of course he is the star of the show, so the general public wants a carbon copy of him. Now if you search this forum for conversations about him, or talk to Golden Retriever people, as opposed to pet people who think they want a Golden, you will get a different viewpoint. For instance, he was probably only bred because of his internet fame. I don't think he has any competitive AKC titles either.
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