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For the Horse Lovers in our Midst...

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My daughter has a client who came into her office yesterday and they struck up a conversation about Animal Rescues. My daughter adopted her dog through Lab Rescue and knows of this Forum and the rescue cases here. The client asked if we might cross post her Horse Rescue here. I know we have many members who also have horses and thought you'd appreciate seeing what this woman is doing through her Rescue. The Rescue is in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
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It pulls my heart right out to see so many animals in need of just basic necessities: food, clean water, shelter and affection. It's so little to ask. :(

Our best pony, Toby, was rescued out of the meat pen at the livestock auction. He was so traumatized that he couldn't be caught if he was in a field. After we brought him home, the only way to catch him was to bring in all the horses (13 of them at that time). He'd come in with the gang. Then we put all the horses back outside and our son could brush and ride Toby. We had him for a couple of outgrow their ponies...and when we sold him he'd let anyone catch him in the field if they brought a bucket of grain. ;)

I'd bring all of them home if I could.
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